Application Introduction of Micro Motor

Micro motor is a small volume, capacity, output power in the general hundreds of watts and use, performance and environmental conditions require special motor. The full name of micro special motor, referred to as micromotor. It is often used in the control system to realize the detection, calculation, amplification, execution or conversion of electromechanical signals or energy, or for driving the mechanical load, or as the ac or dc power supply of equipment.

Range of application

Food machinery, textile machinery, mobile phone cameras, smart doors and Windows, monitor cloud, advertising light boxes, household appliances, all small power constant speed torque equipment.

Application field

Micro motor is mainly used in three fields: (1) no special control requirements of the driving occasions as a motion mechanical load power source.Audio and video equipment.For example, in VCRS, the micromotor is not only the key component of the magnetic drum assembly, but also the key component of the main shaft drive, the automatic loading of the receiving and supplying tape and tape cartridge, and the tension control of the tape.(3) office automation equipment, computer peripherals and industrial automation equipment.Such as disk drives, photocopiers, CNC machine tools, robots and so on are used in the micro motor.

Job characteristics

The relationship between output and input, or between one output and another output is often expressed.From the control requirements, the static characteristics of the curve should be continuous, smooth, no mutation;Dynamic characteristics are often represented by frequency curves or response curves.The frequency curve should be stable without sudden oscillation points.The response curve should converge rapidly.

The sensitivity

The output of the micro-motor corresponds to the unit input signal.In general, specific torque, specific electromotive force, amplification coefficient, etc.


Under certain input conditions, the difference between the actual value of the output signal and the theoretical value represents the precision of the micromotor.


In the system, the input and output impedance of the micromotor should match with the corresponding circuit respectively to ensure the operation performance and precision of the system.


It is not only the special requirement for control micromotor, but also for driving micromotor and power supply micromotor.Commonly used parameters such as service life, failure efficiency, reliability and mean time to failure characterize the operational reliability of the micromotor.

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