Own Servo Motor Serve The Robot Is No Problem

Recently, when the reporter interviewed in the digital workshop of Inner Mongolia baotou zhongke intelligent technology co., LTD., he saw that a six-axis industrial robot accurately controlled the pallet continuously tilting and rotating, and finally put the pallet into the finished product device.This kind of work, which requires several people to cooperate with each other, only takes a few seconds for the robot.

"The servo motor is very important for this delicate operation. It USES a very small motor with very small volume and mass, but it can also withstand the frequent forward and backward acceleration and deceleration of the robot."Yan rong of deputy general manager of medium division intelligence tells a reporter.

It is known that the more joints the industrial robot has, the higher its flexibility and precision will be. It requires high power density, motion precision, response speed and short-term overload capacity of the servo motor body.According to the data, the compound growth rate of industrial robots in China will reach 40% in the next three years. But for a long time, the competitiveness of domestic servo motor system is far less than that of Japan, Europe and the United States. Especially in the application of high precision and high response speed, it is still mainly dependent on foreign imports.

In order to break the monopoly of foreign technology, and continuously meet the high-end and high performance industrial robot demand for servo motor system, the division of the intelligent robot servo motor company USES Japan and Germany advanced technology, set up r&d centers abroad for technical exchanges and cooperation and achieve the core technology, by the Chinese academy of sciences institute of electrical and rare earth r&d center to carry on the achievements, with Germany, Japan advanced equipment and extension and of science and technology group, has the core technology of equipment (disc generator invention patent technology and international advanced level of equipment), forming new technology products of core technology, and further research and development and transformation of scientific and technological achievements,Realize the mass production of servo motor.

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