Motor Condition Monitoring-Transmission and Control

Based on the high speed digital feedback technology, users can also through the extension on the motor (shaft) encoder sensor port module of SensorHub (pictured above), without any increase in any external hardware connection, will include winding temperature, vibration acceleration and frequency, bearing force and torque feedback... All kinds of sensor signals, including the transmission and control system of the device, can realize more comprehensive motor condition monitoring.


By means of wireless communication technology, put the motor condition monitoring service in the cloud, the advantage is obvious, not only convenient installation, use is very flexible, suitable for most common low voltage motor, no matter it has or will soon be put into use; In addition, the overall cost of using visual inspection will be much lower than that of previous status monitoring systems.

In motor transport, feedback control and status information is on the same data transmitted back to the road, so the user the opportunity to real-time location information of the motor, and electric current, rotational speed, acceleration and so on all kinds of motor of feedback control, sensor data information, on the same database and timeline synchronous alignment and cross analysis, for example, the shaft vibration amplitude in a specific position (Angle)... And so on. This will help to improve the accuracy of motor fault diagnosis and the operation efficiency of the equipment system.

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