What Is The Choice Of MEMS Accelerometer Material?

MEMS accelerometers use more materials, and different parts are likely to use different materials. For example, the substrate material used as a substrate, the mask material used as a mask, the sacrificial layer material used for surface micromachining, and so on. The materials commonly used in micro-accelerometers are monocrystalline silicon, silicon dioxide, silicon carbide, silicon nitride, polycrystalline silicon, etc., which specific material is used for which part is not fixed, it needs to be based on its physical and chemical properties and in the design process. The role of the accelerometer is considered comprehensively. Because the dynamic requirements of the sensor are relatively high, it is necessary to perform finite element analysis after the structural design is completed and the size of the structure is obtained.

Using the finite element analysis software ANSYS to analyze the accelerometer model, the following results can be obtained:

(1) Perform a static analysis to find the part with the greatest stress.

(2) Perform modal analysis to obtain the natural frequency of the structure and the vibration modes at each natural frequency.

(3) Transient dynamic analysis can obtain the structure’s response to external excitation.

Through the results of the above finite element analysis, the design can be further improved, so that the designed accelerometer has better performance.

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