What is MEMS Gyro Sensor?

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Sensor is one of the important parts of the digital world. Since all calculations and processing are done on digital signals, there should be a medium between the analog world and digital electronic equipment. Sensors bridge this gap because they are used to observe the temporal effects of simulated physical parameters and generate meaningful information (sent to the computer). The modern definition of a sensor is sometimes confusing, but simply put, a sensor is a device that includes basic sensing elements that can sense physical quantities such as temperature or humidity and convert them into electrical signals. The sensor also includes a signal processing unit, such as an amplifier, filter or ADC or a combination of these elements. When it comes to MEMS sensors, if MEMS technology is used to design and manufacture sensors, they are called micromechanical micro sensors or MEMS sensors for short. For example, the gesture control robot includes a 3-axis accelerometer, a 3-axis gyroscope and a digital motion processor. Which is manufactured using MEMS technology. Different types of MEMS sensors one of the main implementers of MEMS technology is the automotive industry. Modern cars use many sensors, most of which are MEMS based devices. The following is a list of MEMS sensors used in modern automobiles. Accelerometer – used for electronic stability control and airbag deployment. Inertial measurement unit or IMU (they are a combination of MEMS accelerometer and MEMS gyroscope) – used to measure yaw, pitch and roll for autopilot. Magnetometer – direction used for navigation. Pressure and inertia sensors – for brake control. Pressure sensor – tire pressure monitoring system. Air flow sensor – air inlet monitoring. Fuel sensor – fuel level indicator. Collision and collision sensor – collision detection and airbag deployment. MEMS microphone – for communication and noise cancellation. Temperature sensor – used for automatic climate control and engine temperature monitoring. There are many other MEMS based devices available for various applications. Applications MEMS sensors have been used in various applications, such as control and processing equipment, management robots, automobiles, grippers, etc. You can find these sensors in modern inkjet printers, color projectors, display systems, clocks and scanning devices. MEMS technology is used to manufacture different sensors, such as pressure, temperature, vibration and chemical sensors. Accelerometers, gyroscopes and electronic compasses are commonly used MEMS sensors in automobiles, helicopters, airplanes, unmanned aerial vehicles and ships. Some application fields of MEMS based sensors are mentioned below: automotive industry chemical and pharmaceutical aircraft industry automation and manufacturing national defense, aerospace and aviation environment and health scientific computing and communication consumer products.

There are many types of gyro sensors in the market. Ericco provides navigation level MEMS Gyro and north seeking level MEMS Gyro, which are small in size, light in weight and high in accuracy. If you want to know more about the technical problems of MEMS Gyro sensors, please feel free to contact us:

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