The Working Principle Of Piezoresistive Sensors

Piezoresistive sensors are devices that are fabricated by diffusion resistance on a substrate of a semiconductor material in accordance with the piezoresistive effect of the semiconductor material. The substrate can be directly used as a measuring sensor element, and the diffusion resistor is connected in the form of a bridge in the substrate.

When the substrate is deformed by an external force, the resistance values will change, and the bridge will produce a corresponding unbalanced output. The substrate (or diaphragm) used as a piezoresistive sensor is mainly a silicon wafer and a silicon wafer, and the silicon piezoresistive sensor made of a sensitive material is more and more popular, especially in measuring pressure. And speed solid state piezoresistive sensors are most commonly used.

The working principle diagram of the piezoresistive pressure sensor is as follows:

The working principle of piezoresistive sensors

A strain gage is a sensitive device that converts the strain change on the device under test into an electrical signal. It is one of the main components of a piezoresistive strain sensor. The most widely used resistance strain gauges are metal resistance strain gauges and semiconductor strain gauges.

The working principle of the metal resistance strain gauge is a phenomenon in which the strain resistance adsorbed on the base material changes with the mechanical deformation, which is commonly called the resistance strain effect. When the strain gauge substrate is subjected to stress changes, the strain gauge is deformed, and the resistance of the strain gauge is changed, resulting in a voltage change applied to the resistor. Such strain gauges typically have a small change in resistance when subjected to force. Generally, such strain gauges are formed into strain bridges and amplified by subsequent instrumentation amplifiers, and then transmitted to a processing circuit display or actuator for operation. One step of processing.

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