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Multi-Dimensional Understanding of High Precision Quartz Accelerometer

Quartz acceleration sensor is a flexible bearing technology called quartz flexible acceleration sensor.

Quartz flexible accelerometer has been widely used in all kinds of modern inertial systems, missiles, aircraft, ships, combat vehicles, underwater missiles and other guidance systems must have speed and position information, in the occasion of low requirements, people use air speedometer, Mach number sensor, odometer and so on.

Applications: aerospace high-precision navigation system, inertial navigation, navigation positioning, flight attitude control or strapdown system for geological exploration.

The working principle of quartz flexible acceleration sensing

It is composed of yoke iron and soft magnetic material with low temperature coefficient and good permeability. Magnetic steel is processed by grinder with permanent magnet material with good permeability.

The flexible sheet is made of quartz glass with excellent temperature performance, and its shape is made by ultrasonic processing. The processing of flexible components generally adopts chemical corrosion method, or reactive ion etching process can be used to process the whole flexible sheet, but the cost is very high.

The variation of differential capacitance caused by acceleration is detected by the differential capacitance detector in the servo circuit, and its output is current, which is changed into output voltage by the current integrator and then the voltage is changed into output current by the transconductance compensation amplifier. The output current is proportional to the input acceleration.

Quartz flexible acceleration sensor is a uniaxial torque feedback accelerometer. It detects the external acceleration signal by detecting the mass, and then demodulated and amplified by the servo circuit. Finally, the output current signal is proportional to the acceleration signal.

Quartz flexible acceleration sensor has the advantages of high measurement accuracy, good repeatability, high reliability, small size, light weight and low power consumption.

With the improvement of weapon system performance requirements, the linear accelerometer can be installed in the moving object to directly measure its acceleration, so as to obtain the speed and position. The measurement accuracy is high, the dynamic performance is good, far better than the air speedometer, odometer.

Ericco’s ER-QA-03A is a high precision and high performance quartz accelerometer, this High Performance Quartz Accelerometer with high reliability is mainly used in inertial measurement and test systems in the aerospace and aviation fields. It can carry out static test and dynamic test, which is a standard vibration sensor.

ER-QA-03A main features:

  1. Bias repeatability: 10-50ug;
  2. Factor scale repeatability: 10-50ppm;
  3. Class II non-linearity repeatability: 10-30μg/g2.

Ericco produces many types of quartz accelerometers, products can be customized, if you want to get more technical data and quotes, please feel free to contact us.

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