The Origin of GNSS

As early as the mid-1990s, the European Union was try to break the monopoly position of American in satellite positioning, navigation and timing, so as to obtain enormous market interest and increase the job opportunity of European, it has been committed to an ambitious civil Global Navigation Satellite System project, called the Global Navigation Satellite System.

The project is divided into two parts to implement, the first step is to build a first -generation global navigation satellite using the GPS system of American and the GLONASS system of Russia. The second step is to build a second-generation global navigation satellite system that is completely independent of the GPS system of American and the GLONASS system of Russia, which is the Galileo satellite navigation and positioning system under construction.

Thus, from the beginning, GNSS is not a single constellation system, but a comprehensive constellation system including GPS, GLONASS, ect. In recent years, GPS receiver manufacturers are launching high performance GNSS receiver.

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