GNSS Module

GNSS module as the product of GNSS technology, and have wide approaches of application and enormous potential value. GNSS module have important application value in military, aviation, navigation, automobile navigation device, automatic navigation device, mobile communication, power electronic device, and various terminals that need to be located.

Module features: small volume, high sensitivity, cold boot, TTFF positioning time short, low power consumption, digital interface, high positioning accuracy.

ER220-INS N is miniaturization GNSS+MEMS integrated navigation module

aim to vehicle and high-end navigation application. ER220-INS N adopt the low power consumption GNSS soC chip with the entirely proprietary intellectual property rights, has 6 axis MEMES device, which support BDS+GPS dual system, direct output GNSS+MEMS integrated positioning result, especially suitable for positioning accuracy,reliability and continuity of strict application requirement.

Miniaturization All-in-one design

Built-in MEMS inertial device, single module output integrated navigation positioning result

Even in the tunnel, underground parking still can maintain 100%continuous positioning

Vehicle integrated navigation algorithm that supports odometer pulse / speed information input

Support D-GNSS, A-GNSS

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