Optical fiber inertial navigation system

Fiber optic strapdown inertial navigation system consist of inertial sensitive component of miniaturization (high precision three axis fiber optic gyroscope and high precision quartz flexible accelerometer), high precision I/F conversion circuit, DSP digital signal processor and DC power

Advantages of optical fiber inertial navigation system:

  • Has parameter binding, normal alignment, rapid alignment, navigation, position correction, parameter calibration, testing, nonvolatile storage, fault detection.
  • Integrated display control system and flight parameter recording system provide equipment working state, longitude and  latitude, pitch angle, roll angle, heading and navigation parameters of magnetic heading and ground speed, track angle and other related.
  • With all-weather capability of autonomous navigation and satellite positioning functions.

Features of optical fiber inertial navigation system:

  • Multiple interfaces (DVL, GPS, electromagnetic log and depth sensor).
  • Suitable for all underwater vehicles.
  • Small size, light weight and high reliability.
  • With solid structure, long service life, high starting speed, short response time, large measuring range, wide dynamic range, impact and vibration resistance, chemical corrosion resistance, low cost, measurement and acceleration of gravity independent, simple structure, suitable for mass production.

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