Gyro Theodolite Application

(1) Tunnel center line measurement

In excavation projects such as tunnels, the centerline measurement in the pit generally uses long-distance conductors that are difficult to guarantee accuracy, especially for shield excavation. From the short reference centerline of the pit, it must have high angular accuracy and shifting. Accuracy, the ground and underground corresponding inspections are often performed during the measurement to ensure the accuracy of the measurement. Especially in dense urban areas, the inspection conditions are difficult and it is impossible to carry out excessive inspection operations. If the gyro theodolite is used, an absolutely accurate azimuth reference can be obtained, and the high-cost inspection operation (minimum checkpoint) can be reduced, which is an efficient centerline measurement method.

(2) Obtaining the direction angle when the obstacle is seen

When there is a visual obstacle and the direction angle cannot be obtained from a known point, the azimuth measurement or the gyro theodolite measurement method can be used to obtain the direction angle. Compared with astronomical measurements, the gyro-theodolite measurement method has many advantages: it has less dependence on the weather, no complicated astronomical calculation, and the direction angle of any line can be obtained in the field, and the closure difference can be easily calculated.

(3) True North determination required for day shadow calculation

There are height restrictions on high-rise buildings in the city or suburbs that have sunshine or daylight conditions. When applying for a building, a daily photo will be attached. This day’s image is based on the 8:00 to 16:00 of the true sun of the winter solstice. For the purpose of calculation and drawing, the high-precision true north direction is measured. At this time, the measurement using the gyro theodolite can be affected by weather, time, and the like.

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