Ultra High Accuracy Gyro Theodolite

Ultra High Accuracy Gyro Theodolite

ER-GT-02 (≤3.6") Features:
1. Orienteering accuracy ≤3.6" (1σ);
2. Pit interference ability is strong, integrated fuselage design, compact structure, stable performance;
3. Has the functions of low lock, automatic zero observation and etc.

Ultra High Accuracy Gyro Theodolite

Ultra High Accuracy Gyro Theodolite

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    ER-GT-02 Ultra High Accuracy Gyro Theodolite

    Gyro theodolite is an instrument used to measure true north azimuth by combining gyroscope and theodolite through connecting mechanism. It uses the physical characteristics of the gyroscope itself (fixed axis and precession), the sensitive part of the gyroscope with the center of gravity moved down is used to sensitive the horizontal component of the earth's rotation angular velocity, and under the action of gravity, a northward precession moment is generated, so that the gyroscope spindle swings around the Earth's meridian plane, so as to determine the true north azimuth.

    The product adopts DC permanent magnet gyro motor, which can reduce the temperature rise of sensitive parts of the gyro and improve the stability of the equipment. The application of gyro fast braking technology can prolong the service life of the gyro motor, so that the instrument does not need to wait and can run continuously, with auxiliary functions such as deflection body, calibrator, and straightening.

    The product can find north with ultra-high precision, and its measurement principle is the integration method, which has the characteristics of strong anti-interference ability and high stability. The gyro-theodolite adopts an integrated body design (built-in battery), compact structure and stable performance. It has the functions of low position lock, automatic zero position observation, automatic north finding, automatic limit position, wide temperature compensation, etc. It is gradually iterating the limiter to provide the north finding accuracy of the reference plane azimuth and reduce the north finding time.

    Gyro theodolite is widely used in mine survey, engineering survey and military surveying, and is also an important supporting equipment for radar antenna orientation, UAV flight orientation, artillery and long-range weapon launching orientation.

    Applications of Gyrotheodolite
    Tunnel penetration measurement
    Subway engineering survey
    Mine through surveying
    College survey teaching
    Radar precision orientation
    Setting up the azimuth datum
    Navigation equipment calibration
    Missile testing fields

    Specifications of Gyrotheodolite

    Orienteering accuracy≤3.6"(1σ)
    North seeking principleIntegral formula
    North seeking time≤13min
    Working modeOne-click automatic.
    Physical characteristics
    Volume (no theodolite)≤Φ240mm×h480mm
    Weight (excluding theodolite)≤20kg
    Use of the environment
    Ambient temperature-20~+50℃
    Relative humidity5%-98%
    Storage environment
    Ambient temperature-30~+60℃
    Relative humidity5%-98%

    Application Techniques

    1.Application of gyro-theodolite orientation in shaft contact measurement

    2.Accurate Alignment Method for Gyro Theodolite Calibration System

    3.Application of Gyro-Theodolite Orientation in Mine Surveying

    4.Effect of latitude on gyroscopic theodolite

    5.What is the Structure of a Gyro Theodolite?

    6.How To Orient The Gyro Theodolite?

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