Low Altitude Slow Small Target Defense System AUAV-Vehicular

ER-AUR-02 Features:
1. Module design: detection system using modular design, you can freely select the detection system;
2. Mainstream frequency band suppression: convert the mainstream radio communication band;
3. Standard electricity: equipment using standard 220V mains, no power equipment.

Low Altitude Slow Small Target Defense System AUAV-Vehicular

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    Low Altitude Slow Small Target Defense System AUAV-Vehicular

    The product detection system adopts modular design (you can choose the detection system freely), mainstream frequency band detection and interference (covering mainstream radio communication frequency band), and the use of standard 220V city power, without power equipment. The product assembly is simple, convenient to pick and place, and can be designed in different scenarios according to different customers to ensure the best performance. In addition, the product conforms to ergonomic design and is easy to operate. Users can choose unattended mode or manual mode control mode. The transmission power can also be adjusted, the interference distance is 1000~1200 meters, the hit rate is high, and the interference can be detected at 360 degrees without precise aiming. It can also adapt to complex weather, including haze, mist, and strong winds below level 6.


    Detection parameters

    Radio detection:

    Working frequency: 100kHz~40GHz

    Direction sensitivity: ≥15dBμV/m

    Direction-finding accuracy: ≤2° (RMS)

    Radar detection:

    Working frequency: Ku BandØ

    Discovery probability: Pd=0.8, false alarm rate: Pfa=10-6, reflective surface: 0.01m2, detection distance: 2km.

    Antenna fan sweep range: 0°~360°

    Target radial speed: 3km/h~72km/h

    Minimum detection distance: ≥200m

    Distance accuracy: ≤15m

    Azimuthal accuracy: ≤0.5°

    Distance resolution: ≤15m

    Azimuth resolution: ≤2°

    RF power: 10W

    Photoelectric detection:

    Detection distance: ≥1KM

    Distance resolution: ≤15m

    Azimuth resolution ≤1°

    Interference parameters

    Transmit power: MAX 10W, third gear adjustable

    Effective distance: 1000~1200 meters

    Interference mode: unmanned aerial vehicle departure/unmanned aerial vehicle (can be choosen)

    Weight: 100kg

    Operate temperature: 20-55 (degrees celsius)

    Optional models: Iveco, Prado


    1. What are the quotation methods?

    If you have DHL or Fedex account, we can quote EXW price, otherwise CIF or FOB price.

    2. Are there any discounts?

    After we submit the sample price, if more quantity is needed, we will quote the bulk price.

    3. How long will it take to deliver the goods after placing the order?

    For sensors, parts and modules: in stock-one week; no stock-2-4 weeks; For systems, generally, 8-12 weeks.

    4. How to deal with the quality problems?

    After confirming that the product has quality problems, we will replace it for you free of charge in the shortest possible time.

    If interested in Low Altitude Slow Small Target Defense System AUAV-Vehicular, pls contact us: info@ericcointernational.com

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