High Performance MEMS IMU(16488)

High Performance MEMS IMU (16488)

ER-MIMU-M02 Features:
1. Three-axis digital gyroscope;
2. Three-axis digital accelerometer;
3. High reliability: mean time between failures>20000h.

High Performance MEMS IMU (16488)

High Performance MEMS IMU(16488)

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    High Performance MEMS IMU

    The ER-MIMU-M02 is an inertial measurement unit (IMU) based on micro-mechanical  technology (MEMS), including a built-in MEMS gyroscope with 2°/h (Allan) bias stability and a MEMS accelerometer with 100 µg (Allan) bias stability,  three-axis magnetometer and barometer.
    It is a device that measures the three-axis attitude angle (or angular rate) and acceleration of an object. Gyroscope and accelerometer are the core devices of inertial navigation system. With a built-in acceleration sensor and gyroscope, the MEMS IMU measures linear acceleration and rotational angular rate from three directions, which can be solved to obtain information such as carrier attitude, speed and displacement. Magnetometers help with orientation and can be used to calibrate and direct data to the correct location.
    The product has high reliability and strong environmental adaptability. That is, it can be widely used in fields such as drones, smart bombs, seekers, rocket shells and stable platforms.

    Three-axis digital gyroscope:
    Dynamic measurement range of ±450º/s;
    Bias stability: 2 º/h (Allan variance);
    Random walk: 0.1º/√h;
    Three-axis digital accelerometer:
    Dynamic measurement range: 18g
    Bias stability: 0.1mg (Allan variance);
    Random walk: 0.02m/s√h;
    High reliability: mean time between failures>20000h;
    Ensure the accuracy within the full temperature range (-40℃~75℃): Built-in high-performance temperature calibration and compensation algorithm;
    Support stable platform application: full parameter measurement and measurement bandwidth>100Hz;
    Interface includes 1-channel SPI and 1-channel UART.


    ParameterTest conditionMin valueTypical valueMax valueUnit
    Dynamic measurement range/±400±450 º/s
    Bias stabilityAllan variance/2/º/h
    Random walk//0.1 º/√h
    Bias repeatabilityFull temperature/±0.10.2º/s
    Scale factor repeatabilityFull temperature/0.51 %
    Scale factor non-linearityFS=450 º/s/0.10.2%FS
    Dynamic measurement range//18/g
    Bias stability /0.1/mg
    Random walk//0.020.02m/s/√h
    Bias repeatabilityFull temperature/1032mg
    Scale factor repeatabilityFull temperature/±0.5±1%
    Scale factor non-linearityFS=16g/0.2/%FS
    Dynamic measurement range//±2/gauss
    Initial sensitivity error//2/%
    Sensitivity temperature coefficient//250/ppm/℃
    Non-linearity degree///1% of FS
    Initial bias error//400/mgauss
    Partial temperature coefficient//0.7/mgauss/℃
    Output noise//4/mgauss
    Noise density//1/mgauss/√Hz
    Pressure rangeextension450/1100mbar
    Overall error//6.0//
    Long-term stability//1/mbar/year
    Communication interface
    1 way SPIBaud rate//15MHz
    1 way UARTBaud rate9.6230.4921.6Kbps
    Electrical specification
    Power dissipation///1.5W
    Ripple waveP-P//10mV
    Structural characteristics
    Operating environment
    Operating temperature/-40 75
    Storage temperature/-45 80
    Vibration//3g, 10~2000Hz//
    Impact//30g, 11ms//
    Mean time between failures//20000/h
    Continuous working hours//120/h

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