High Performance MEMS IMU

1. Miniaturized IMU;
2. Low power consumption;
3. High cost performance;
4. Total temperature compensation.

High Performance MEMS IMU

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    The ER-MIMU-M01A High Performance MEMS IMU is a miniaturized, high-precision inertial component that contains three-axis gyroscope and three-axis accelerometer information. Temperature compensation is performed through the bias stability and scale of each axis to improve its measurement accuracy.

    Miniaturized IMU
    Low power consumption
    High cost performance
    Total temperature compensation

    Inertial navigation: inertial guidance, integrated navigation, platform stability
    Short-term navigation: flight control, ballistic correction, telemetry and remote control
    Attitude control: UAV, antenna orientation


    Measuring range ±450°/s
    Full temperature bias ≤100°/h
    Angle random walk ≤0.15°/ √h
    Bias instability ≤2°/h
    Bias stability (1σ) ≤8°/h
    Bias repeatability (1σ) ≤8°/h
    Scale factor non-linearity ≤50ppm
    Bandwidth (10~250Hz adjustable) 150Hz
    Measuring range ±10g
    Full temperature bias ≤2mg
    Rate random walk ≤0.025m/s/√h
    Bias instability ≤0.02mg
    Bias stability (1σ) ≤0.2mg
    Bias repeatability (1σ) ≤0.2mg
    Scale factor non-linearity (±1g) ≤200ppm
    Bandwidth (10~250Hz adjustable) 150Hz
    Supply voltage 5V±0.3V
    Operating temperature range -45℃~+85℃
    Shock resistance ≥2000g
    Vibration ≥20grms
    Size 23mm×23mm×10mm
    Weight ≤30g
    Interface type(--) RS422
    Connector(--) JMC-1284Z2-JH
    Output interface wiring definition
    VCC(+5V) Power supply positive
    GND Power supply ground
    Rx+ RS422 receive +
    Rx- RS422 receive -
    Tx- RS422 send -
    Tx+ RS422 send +


    Application Techniques

    1.IMU and GPS fusion algorithm principle

    2.MEMS IMU error analysis and compensation

    3.Reusable spacecraft IMU dynamic accuracy assessment method

    4.Research on MEMS IMU error modeling and temperature compensation technology

    5.Calibration method and error analysis of low-precision MEMS IMU

    6.MEMS-IMU error calibration compensation method that does not rely on precision turntable

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