Where is the Optical Fiber Gyro North Finder Used?

Optical fiber gyro north finder can work reliably in the full weather, and is not affected by the external environment such as the earth’s magnetic field, terrain and climate. It can realize autonomous north searching energy and determine the local geographical north direction without any external azimuth information.Especially with the integration of GPS and other high technology, its performance will be further improved.In military affairs, the north finder can provide the position reference for missiles, radar, artillery, fish, flying aircraft, ships, vehicles, etc.Compared with traditional north finder, optical fiber gyro north finder can withstand stronger vibration, impact and overload acceleration.With the improvement of the technology of fiber-optic gyro, the fiber-optic gyro north finder with fast response, high precision and suitable for harsh environment will become the leading equipment of military north finder.In civil use, the north finder can provide accurate bearing datum in tunnel construction, mine mining, geodetic surveying and so on.

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