Minimum FOG IMU

ER-FIMU-50 Minimum FOG IMU (Same performance to KVH 1775)

1. Minimum FOG IMU: F89mm*73mm; similar performance to KVH 1775, LN200;
2. Gyro-Bias stability/repeatability: 0.5°-1°/h;
3. For navigation, control and dynamic measurement.

ER-FIMU-50 Minimum FOG IMU (Same performance to KVH 1775)

Minimum FOG IMU

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    ER-FIMU-50 Minimum FOG IMU

    ER-FIMU-50 FOG IMU is a minimum cost-effective inertial measurement device for navigation, control and dynamic measurement. The system adopts high reliability closed-loop fiber optic gyroscope and accelerometer, and ensures the measurement accuracy through multiple compensation techniques. Strict technology is adopted in the manufacturing process to ensure that the angular motion and linear motion parameters of the carrier can be accurately measured under harsh conditions.
    The product has a great user experience. In addition to the wide-voltage power supply, users can also configure the output bandwidth, data update rate, communication port baud rate and communication protocol according to their needs. 

    Minimum optical fiber IMU
    Full temperature compensation
    Strong shock resistance and vibration resistance
    Data update rate: 100Hz~4000Hz
    Baud rate configurable, up to 921.6Kbps
    Wide voltage supply 9V~31V
    Power consumption 4.8 W

    Guidance control system
    Vehicle and ship attitude measurement
    Inertial/satellite integrated navigation system
    Drilling system
    Mobile mapping system
    Satellite communication in motion


    FOG Gyro
    Measuring range 500°/s
    Bias stability 0.5°/h
    Bias repeatability 0.5°/h
    Scale factor non-linearity 100ppm
    Bandwidth 50Hz~200Hz
    Angular random walk 0.02°/sqrt (h)
    Measuring range 25g
    Bias stability 100ug
    Bias repeatability 100ug
    Scale factor non-linearity 300ppm
    Electrical/Mechanical Interface
    Power supply 9V~31V
    Power <4.8W
    Starting time 3s
    Interface RS-422
    Update Rate 100Hz~4000Hz
    Size F89mm*73mm
    Weight <600g
    Operating environment 
    Working temperature -40°C~60°C
    Storage temperature -55°C~70°C
    Vibration 6.06g (rms)
    Impact 80g/3ms

    Interface Definition

    External use of J30J-15TL connector for communication 

    No. Definition
    1 RS422_Tx+
    2 RS422_Tx-
    3 RS422_Rx-
    4 RS422_Rx+
    5 /
    6 CFG_Rst-
    7 Msync-
    8 TOV_OUT-
    9 GND
    10 VDD
    11 Msync-
    12 TOV_OUT+
    13 CFG_Rst-
    14 DGND
    15 /

    Communication Protocol

    FOG IMU default timing broadcast mode output IMU data, output frequency 4K, 19 bytes of data per frame, baud rate 921600bps, 1 bit start, 8 bit data, 1 bit stop, no check, multi-byte variables, high bytes first, low bytes later. Communication protocols can also be customized to the user's requirements.

    No. Name Equivalent Unit Data Type Remark
    1 0xCC / / Unsigned integer  fixed frame head
    2 Send a count 1 / Unsigned integer 0-200, 255 breakdown
    3-5 X Gyro 0.00006 D/Sec. Integer Angular rate
    6-8 Y Gyro 0.00006 D/Sec Integer Angular rate
    9-11 Z Gyro 0.00006 D/Sec Integer Angular rate
    12-13 X Accelerometer 0.008 M/Sec2 Integer Accelerated speed
    14-15 Y Accelerometer 0.008 M/Sec2 Integer Accelerated speed
    16-17 Z Accelerometer 0.008 M/Sec2 Integer Accelerated speed
    18 Temperature 1 degree centigrade Integer /
    19 Checksum 1 / Unsigned integer 2-18 bytes

    Application Techniques

    1.Internal Structure Analysis of IMU

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    3.Application of IMU in UAV Flight Control System

    4.IMU in Drones (MEMS triaxial accelerometer, triaxial gyroscope, triaxial magnetometer)

    5.What is an IMU?

    6.IMU inertial measurement unit (provides odometer, position, attitude)

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