What Are The Classifications Of Acceleration Sensors?


Piezoelectric acceleration sensor is also called piezoelectric accelerometer.It also belongs to the inertial sensor.The principle of piezoelectric acceleration sensor is to utilize piezoelectric effect of piezoelectric ceramic or quartz crystal. When the accelerometer is vibrated, the force of mass block on piezoelectric element changes accordingly.When the measured vibration frequency is much lower than the natural frequency of the accelerometer, the force change is proportional to the measured acceleration.

Piezoresistive type

Based on the world’s leading MEMS silicon micromachining technology, piezoresistive acceleration sensors are characterized by small size and low power consumption, which are easy to be integrated into various analog and digital circuits and widely used in automobile collision experiments, test instruments, equipment vibration monitoring and other fields.


The capacitive acceleration sensor is a capacitive sensor based on the capacitive principle.Capacitive accelerometer/capacitive accelerometer is a general purpose accelerometer.In some areas, there is no substitute, such as airbags, mobile phones and other mobile devices.The capacitive accelerometer/capacitive accelerometer USES the microelectromechanical system (MEMS) process to become economical in mass production, thus ensuring lower cost.

Servo type

The servo acceleration sensor is a closed loop testing system, which has the characteristics of good dynamic energy, large dynamic range and good linearity.Its working principle, the vibration of the sensor system is composed of “m – k” system, the same as the general accelerometer, but also the quality m and an electromagnetic coil, when the base has the acceleration input, the quality of the piece of deviating from the equilibrium position, the displacement detected by displacement sensor, the size of the servo amplifier amplification after converted into current output, the electric current flows through the electromagnetic coil, electromagnetic restoring force in the magnetic field of permanent magnet, trying to keep quality of the original balance position in the instrument housing, so servo accelerometer in closed-loop state job.The servo acceleration measurement technology is widely used in inertial navigation and inertial guidance system, as well as in high-precision vibration measurement and calibration, due to its feedback effect, enhanced anti-interference ability, improved measurement accuracy and expanded measurement range.

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