Selection And Application Of Fiber Optic Gyroscope Inclinometer

Fiber optic gyro inclinometers come in a wide variety of sizes and specifications, so you can choose the most suitable inclinometer according to different physical environments and accuracy requirements. According to the configuration of the optical system, it can be divided into an all-fiber type and an integrated optical type. The cost of an all-fiber gyro is low, but the technology to achieve high precision is difficult, and it is mostly used in applications where accuracy is not high and low cost. The integrated optics fiber optic gyroscope can adopt digital closed-loop technology in signal processing, which is easy to achieve high precision and high stability. It is the most commonly used fiber optic gyroscope configuration mode.

According to the performance and application perspective, it can be divided into three levels: speed level, tactic level and inertia level. Rate-level fiber optic gyroscopes have been industrialized and are mainly used in applications where robots, underground tunnels, pipeline path survey devices, and car navigation are not critical. Tactical-grade fiber optic gyro has the advantages of long life, high reliability and low cost, and is mainly used in the attitude alignment reference system of tactical missiles, short-range/medium-range missiles and commercial aircraft. Inertial-grade fiber optic gyroscopes are mainly used for space positioning and submarine navigation, and their development and development are gradually maturing.

The development of fiber optic gyro inclinometer is mainly to solve the drawbacks of low precision, weak sensitivity and poor stability of mechanical gyroscopes. Therefore, the main use scenarios of fiber optic gyroscopes are: when constructing bridges, when measuring the inclination between piers and exploring oil fields, the accurate measurement of well inclination and many other infrastructures have great applications.

Fiber optic gyro inclinometer future development

With the further development of technology and the gradual reduction of production costs, the future fiber optic gyro inclinometer will not only undertake large-scale production activities such as infrastructure construction and oilfield exploration, but will gradually shift its development focus to civilian use. Beiwei Sensing Technology Co., Ltd. is actively seeking cooperation to launch a civil fiber optic gyro inclinometer project. And its status is set in the basic functional products, requiring further miniaturization, streamlining and flexibility. The fiber optic gyroscope inclinometer can be mounted on many other products, such as our company’s fall alarm, and the improved fiber optic gyroscope can make the fall alarm function more comprehensive.

In military applications, fiber optic gyroscopes are widely used in missile systems, aircraft and ship navigation systems, and military satellite and terrain tracking matching systems; in civilian applications, fiber optic gyroscopes can be used for aircraft navigation and petroleum exploration, drilling guidance, especially It has great potential for application in industry. With the continuous development of optical fiber technology and integrated optical path technology, fiber optic gyroscopes will have more and more broad application prospects. Let every distant end of our world be accurately measured by our fiber optic gyro inclinometers, making them more perfectly integrated into our lives.

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