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The North Seeker is widely used in today’s society. Due to its professional craftsmanship, many people don’t know how to start when choosing a north seeker. Because they don’t know the price, and some other basic information. This article has organized some price analysis and application introduction of the North Seeker to help you!

There are not many manufacturers in the target market that can independently develop high-precision and stable north finders. Next, I will focus on introducing Ericco’s ER-MNS-05 Cost-Efficient Triaxial MEMS North Seeker, it integrates high-performance MEMS gyroscope and MEMS accelerometer in an independent structure. The gyroscope and accelerometer selected in the module represent the leading level of MEMS process inertial devices. The three-axis MEMS gyroscope is sensitive to the angular motion of the carrier, and the three-axis MEMS accelerometer is sensitive to the linear acceleration of the carrier. The zero position, scale factor, non-orthogonal error and acceleration related terms of the whole temperature parameter are compensated inside the module. It can also maintain high measurement accuracy for a long time. At the same time, the module adopts the overall vibration reduction, sealing design and other measures to ensure that the product can still accurately measure the angular and linear motion parameters of the carrier in the harsh environment, so as to provide users with a low-cost and high reliability solution.

Mainly used to quickly and autonomously determine the true north direction. After obtaining the azimuth angle, the device starts to move and can continuously output changing dynamic inclination and azimuth angles. The product uses an extremely low drift MEMS gyroscope for north seeking, with built-in IMU for inclination measurement and azimuth calculation. It has the characteristics of small size, low price, low power consumption, long service life, and high reliability.

Currently, most portable direction finding devices rely on electronic compasses. However, electronic compasses are very susceptible to interference from the magnetic field of nearby objects, often unable to accurately measure the orientation of the Earth’s magnetic field relative to the equipment, and the magnetic declination angle is also difficult to accurately compensate for. In addition, direction finding equipment based on GPS or flexible gyroscopes often have a large volume, weight, or impact resistance that does not meet on-site requirements and is not suitable for portable devices. ER-MNS-05 overcomes the above shortcomings, and its measurement is completely unaffected by external environmental interference such as magnetic fields, making it simple and convenient to use.

Especially in the desert and other outdoor areas, the precision of traditional geomagnetic north finding schemes is not high. ER-MNS-05 Triaxial MEMS North Seeker produced by our company has the characteristics of being free from environmental interference, high precision measurement, small size and low power consumption, which can well meet the above requirements.

Due to the different customized needs of customers, the price also varies. The North Seeker with good accuracy and stability is priced at over 100 thousands.

If you would like to obtain more technical data and quotes about the North Seeker, please feel free to contact us at any time.  

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