How Does A Quartz Flexible Accelerometer Work?

Quartz flexible pendulum accelerometer and its development status As a kind of force feedback pendulum accelerometer, quartz flexible pendulum accelerometer is developed on the basis of liquid floating pendulum accelerometer. The difference between the two lies mainly in The detection quality of the quartz flexible accelerometer is not floating, but is elastically connected to the flexible beam support, introducing elastic moments, so this accelerometer has higher accuracy, strong anti-disturbance capability, large measurement range, and overload capacity Strong.

The performance of the flexible material directly affects the performance of the accelerometer. The materials that can be used as flexible pendulums are mainly metal and quartz. The traditional liquid-floating pendulum accelerometer pendulum uses metal materials, and the thermal expansion coefficient of quartz is much smaller than steel, and the material performance is better than metal. Moreover, quartz has high fatigue strength and the material itself has a small hysteresis, which is very suitable for the pendulum of the accelerometer. As soon as the quartz flexible accelerometer came out, it quickly replaced the liquid-floating pendulum accelerometer and became an indispensable key device in inertial navigation and guidance systems.

At present, quartz flexible pendulum accelerometers have been widely used in the measurement of various linear accelerations, vibration accelerations, and parameters such as speed, distance, angular velocity, and angular displacement. It has been successfully used in military and civilian fields such as satellite microgravity measurement systems, high-precision inertial navigation systems, rock-based drilling and oil drilling, continuous inclinometer systems, launch vehicles, ballistic missiles, and spacecraft.

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