Flying Key Quartz Flexible Accelerometer

Quartz flexible accelerometer is actually a sensor that can accurately measure acceleration, and it is a member of the big family of accelerometers. The quartz flexible accelerometer is more accurate and can be used in a wider range of applications than a sensor called a MEMS accelerometer that you use in your mobile phone. Has been widely used in aerospace, aviation, ships, weapons, petroleum, geotechnical engineering and many other fields, for various systems of navigation, guidance, control, leveling, monitoring and so on to provide accurate acceleration measurement signals.

The first hurdle in the quartz flexible accelerometer’s journey into space was the big mechanical impact of launch. Quartz flexible accelerometers are tiny compared to big things like rockets, but it’s their tiny size that gives them the advantage of high-precision measurements. It was also the precision of the measurement requirements, making the quartz flexible accelerometer “temperamental”, appear hard to bear, in the process of rocket star arrow separation big impact, therefore need to quartz flexible accelerometer for special design, when large mechanical shock comes, can quickly to the impact of quartz flexible accelerometer is resolved.

Space travel is romantic, but as you get higher up, the air gets thinner and the atmospheric pressure gets lower and lower, and eventually you get close to a vacuum. In order to ensure the measurement accuracy of the quartz flexible accelerometer, the quartz flexible accelerometer must be sealed, that is, to put on a set of airtight “coat” to the quartz flexible accelerometer. In order to fully ensure the reliability of the seal, and simulate the use environment in space, the seal coat was subjected to severe tests such as vibration and impact. After being thoroughly tempered, the quartz flexible accelerometer seal coat finally came out, which provides a solid barrier for the quartz flexible accelerometer to work in vacuum environment.

All based on the simple, reliable, high-precision design idea, the “greenhouse” has carried out a lot of test verification and improvement, ultimately to ensure the “greenhouse” high precision constant temperature and ensure the high reliability.

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