Brief Introduction of Accelerometer

There are many types of accelerometers. Micro-mechanical accelerometers, also known as silicon accelerometers, are now widely used. The principle of sensing acceleration is the same as that of general accelerometers. According to the different reading elements, micro-mechanical accelerometers are classified into piezoresistive accelerometers, capacitive accelerometers, resonant beam accelerometers, and electrostatic force balanced accelerometers. The micro-mechanical accelerometer is small in size, easy to install, simple in measurement method, low in cost and strong in anti-overload capability, and satisfies the requirements for the structure and space limitation of the micro-mini aircraft.

Accelerometers consist of test masses (also called sensitive masses), supports, potentiometers, springs, dampers, and housings. According to the number of input shafts, there are single-axis, dual-axis and triaxial accelerometers.

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