Gyro While Drilling FOG INS

ER-Gyro-03 (0°~180°/±0.2°)
1. Inclination: ±0.2°; azimuth: ±2.0°; tool face angle: ±0.5°;
2. Measure while drilling & real-time upload & draw of measurement data;
3. Automatic north seeking & continuous attitude and position measurement.

Gyro While Drilling FOG INS


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    Gyro While Drilling FOG INS

    FOG Gyro While Drilling FOG INS (GWD) adopts an inertial measurement unit which consist of three axis fiber optic gyro and three axis accelerometer and applied well trajectory tracking algorithm to calculate well information (inclination, azimuth, tool face angle and No.1 pole angle), and can be used for drawing, data display etc.

    Compared with the previous generation of products, under the condition of ensuring the measurement accuracy, it has achieved a smaller volume and a wider range of applications, which is suitable for narrow borehole oil and gas wells. The instrument has no moving parts, and has the characteristics of strong impact resistance, small drift and high precision.


    High precision fast continuous attitude and position measurement
    It has the function of self seeking, easy to use
    High precision, unaffected by magnetic field
    Good seismic performance
    Long life, high reliability, long calibration period
    Real-time uploading and drawing of measurement data through cable
    Multi sensor simultaneous complementary redundancy measurement, high reliability
    Can be matched with existing logging instruments to achieve a variety of underground parameters and measurements
    Inner diameter 38mm, which can be well used in drilling field


    Oil and gas exploitation
    Cased hole, well retest
    Open window positioning, downhole directional perforation
    Oil pipe logging
    Measurement while drilling
    Coal mining
    Measurement of gas drainage hole in coal seam


    Inclination Measurement Range & Accuracy 0°~180°/±0.2°
    Azimuth Measurement Range & Accuracy 0°~360°/±2° (inclination ≥3°)
    Tool Face Angle Measurement Range & Accuracy 0°~360°/±0.5°
    Working Temperature -25˚C~85˚C (without heat shield)
    Pressure 140MPa
    Inner Diameter 38mm
    Outer Diameter Φ48mm (without heat shield)
    Instrument Length 1700mm
    Weight 45Kg
    Well Diameter ≥Φ60mm
    Power Supply DC48V±10%
    Output Interface RS232, RS422, CAN
    Measuring Speed 2m/s

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