Application of Fiber Optic Gyroscopes in Drilling and Drill Inclinometers-1

Gyro borehole inclinometer is a borehole trajectory measurement instrument that is not affected by geomagnetic interference and magnetic influence in the surrounding environment. It is mainly used for drilling trajectory measurement in boreholes, casings, drill pipes, etc. Track measurements are performed in boreholes that are free of magnetic interference.

Log gyroscopes have the following features compared to aircraft gyroscopes due to their use environment. First of all, it is a strict volume requirement, especially a small diameter. It requires the formation of an instrument to adapt to the casing well diameter requirements, and even can be put into the drill pipe when the sunroof is opened. Secondly, it is a strong anti-vibration, drill open sunroof or put into the bottom of the well. At the same time, the gyro body will not be damaged; there is also a wide temperature requirement, that is, the instrument can work normally in a 125° environment for at least 2 hours and the overall accuracy of the instrument within the range of ambient temperature -10-125° meets the design requirements.

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