The Difference Between Gyroscope, Compass, IMU, MEMS

Compass: The compass is an instrument used by the aircraft to measure the direction of movement and to assist in positioning.

Magnetic compass: The magnetic compass can be seen as a compass.

Gyro compass: Gyro compass uses a power-driven gyroscope. ER-MG2-100 is often used in electric compass.

Gyroscope: It is a device for measuring the angular motion of an object. By measuring the offset of the gyroscope’s dual-axis base point in different motion states, the horizontal, vertical, pitch, acceleration, and heading azimuth of the object can be calibrated.

IMU is an inertial measurement unit. Include a gyroscope in the IMU.

MEMS is an acronym for Micro Electro Mechanical Systems.

With the continuous development of modern microelectronics technology, the original mechanical gyroscope can now be made very small, so small that it can be put into a mobile phone. At present, mid-to-high-end smartphones are generally equipped with MEMS inertial measurement units for navigation, function control and games.

Q: Can it be understood that the electric compass is a type of gyroscope?

A: You can’t say that, you have reversed the inclusive relationship between the two. The gyroscope is an important part of the electric compass. Just as a turbocharged engine is an important part of a fuel vehicle, it cannot be said that a fuel vehicle is a turbocharged engine.

MEMS stands for Micro Electromechanical System, Micro Electromechanical System. It refers to a high-tech device with a size of several millimeters or even smaller, and its internal structure is generally in the order of micrometers or even nanometers, and it is an independent intelligent system. It is mainly composed of sensors, actuators (actuators) and micro-energy sources. MEMS involves a variety of disciplines and engineering technologies such as physics, semiconductors, optics, electronic engineering, chemistry, materials engineering, mechanical engineering, medicine, information engineering, and biological engineering. , system biotechnology, synthetic biology and microfluidic technology and other fields have opened up a wide range of uses. Common products include MEMS accelerometers, MEMS microphones, micro motors, micro pumps, micro vibrators, MEMS pressure sensors, MEMS gyroscopes, MEMS humidity sensors, etc. and their integrated products.

MEMS is an independent intelligent system that can be mass-produced. Its system size is several millimeters or even smaller, and its internal structure is generally in the order of micrometers or even nanometers. For example, the size of common MEMS products is generally 3mm; 1.5mm, or even smaller.

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