Features of Quartz Flexible Accelerometer

Quartz flexible accelerometer with high precision, high stability, high temperature, small size and so on, is the physical sensitive measurement control products, including acceleration, speed, distance, swing, vibration, tilt, etc. According to these characteristics are used for inertial navigation and guidance.

So what are the features of thequartz flexible accelerometer?

1. The flexible strut is made of whole quartz material, without hysteresis, friction, elastic aftereffect, aging and deterioration not affected by temperature

2. It does not require temperature control to match the properties of the quartz material with the low expansion alloy.

3. It is not affected by temperature change by using the gas film damping

4. The signal is insulated from the shell so that the work does not cause influence and interference.

5. The torque device is used as magnetic steel for the push-pull of the torque device. Therefore, the magnetic stability and the torque rate are large, the time constant is small, and the thermal stability is good.

6. The differential capacitive sensor has a good shielding method because of its small size and high sensitivity

7. The design of servo circuit is advanced, integrated and reliable

8. The power level constant current output can change the sampling resistance to adjust the scale factor in the larger range

9. A large amount of adhesive technology has good reliability and environmental resistance, so it has high requirements for adhesive materials and adhesion process

10. In the servo circuit, the double voltage power supply, the triangular wave transmitter and the various terminal terminals are used for self-check, offset compensation and calibration, so it is convenient to use.

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