Application of Inclinometer in Marine and Offshore Engineering

The stable platform acts as a device placed on a moving object and has the function of isolating the motion of the moving object. Stable platforms have a wide range of applications in aerospace, industrial control, military and commercial vessels, such as aerial photography, ship-borne missile launchers, and shipborne satellite receiving antennas. On the ship’s working face or platform attitude detection, the shipborne antenna stabilized platform system will use the tilt sensor timing (longer time) to read the numerical value, and after calculation, correct the stable platform. The actual movement of the platform is controlled by an external mechanical device to achieve a correction to the stable horizontal platform to ensure that it is always in a horizontal state. Some tilt sensors are used as feedback elements in the hull hydraulic leveling system to provide high precision tilt signals. It can be used for underwater drilling or underwater mining.

In addition, in the application of the ship lift, it is necessary to ensure the balance of the wire rope and the basic maintenance of the ship during the lifting process of the ship. It is the key to the safe and reliable operation of the ship lift. For this reason, the designer is in the ship and the hoisting wire rope. A hydraulic equalization and leveling system has been set up, and key components such as the tilt sensor are also used.

Hydraulic spreader for container spreaders. The displacement detector on the spreader can measure the inclination between the upper body and the lower body of the spreader at any time, and transmits the signal to the hydraulic valve according to the ratio set by the feedback proportional adjuster, so that the opening of the valve is proportional to the rotation angle. Thereby, the liquid discharged from the hydraulic source is proportional to the size of the opening, flowing into or out of the hydraulic cylinder. Through the movement of the hydraulic cylinder, the carriage and the container are automatically leveled.

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