Application Of Gyroscope In Aviation Flight Field

Due to the high-tech development of various electronic devices and computer control, most modern aircraft designs are static and unstable, and electronic equipment and computers must be used to assist the control to achieve good flight control.

This type of aircraft relies solely on the pilot’s fingers to control the difficulty. Although the aircraft can still fly, it will be shaken to varying degrees, always in an unstable flight state. Sometimes the center of gravity setting is not very accurate, slightly different, and it will make the flight of the aircraft less stable.

There are all kinds of turbulence in the air, which will make the flight of the aircraft not stable enough. At this time, the gyroscope will be used to stabilize the aircraft, and the aircraft will continue to fly smoothly, making the pilot feel more comfortable to control the aircraft and making various actions more standard.

The gyroscope makes the pilot feel the most obvious when it is landing, and the most needed gyroscope help is the landing of the aircraft. Because the landing aircraft is slower and close to the stall point, it is more likely to be affected by the wind, which causes the wing to sway up and down. At this time, it is necessary to constantly adjust the attitude of the aircraft with its fingers to keep the level unchanged and gradually descend the height. Many novice pilots sometimes make too many corrections, and the aircraft will produce more shaking, and it is easy to enter the stall and cause the landing to fail.

However, if the gyroscope is turned on and stabilized, the gyroscope’s sensor is very sensitive, the wing is slightly depressed, and the gyroscope immediately issues a command to make the ailerons return the plane. This process happens so quickly that you It may not be seen that the wing is pressed down and it has been corrected by the gyroscope. So you will see that the aircraft is always very stable and keeps the level unchanged and gradually descends, which is very helpful for the pilot.

For fighter pilots, the locking function of the gyroscope will greatly increase the flying pleasure. For example, in the case of a super low-altitude reverse flight of a fighter aircraft, the performance of the aircraft is better or adjusted at the time, usually in the state of flying, even if the elevator is not moving, it can keep flying. However, when the plane is flying backwards, it is usually necessary to push the elevator slightly to maintain the reverse flight. If it is not extremely technical, it is difficult for the finger to keep the rudder amount of the rudder constant so that the aircraft keeps flying in the same straight line in the reverse flight state.

This is why most people dare to do ultra-low-altitude flying, usually do not dare to do ultra-low-altitude back-to-the-fly, or fly to the field to dare to do very low and usually do not dare to do very low, because when flying The finger can move the elevator in a straight line without moving the elevator, and the finger should always push the rudder surface when flying backwards. The speed of the airplane is fast and the height is low. If the finger moves slightly, the chicken may be touched. This is very easy to use with the locked state of the gyroscope.

Because in the reverse state, the gyroscope will automatically lock the reverse attitude, the elevator joystick will not move in the middle, and the gyroscope will automatically keep the aircraft in a straight line, without worrying about whether the rudder of the finger is accurate. Then you can safely control the aircraft to enter the ultra low-altitude reverse flight state at the far end of the runway, and then you can maintain the ultra-low-altitude reverse flight without any control.

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