Accelerometer Classification

There are many types of accelerometers:

According to the detection quality of the displacement of the classification of a linear accelerometer (detection quality for line displacement) and pendulum accelerometer (detection mass rotation around the support axis)

According to the support methods, they are classified as gemstone support, flexible support, air floatation, liquid floatation, magnetic suspension and electrostatic suspension

According to the composition of the measurement system, there are open-loop and closed-loop types

According to the working principle, there are vibrating wire type, vibration beam type and pendulum type gyro accelerometer

According to the number of input shafts, there are uniaxial, biaxial and triaxial accelerometers

According to the classification of sensor elements, there are piezoelectric, piezoresistive and potentiometer type

An accelerometer is usually named by combining the features of several different classifications.

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