Accelerometer Case

Acceleration Sensor Applied to Seismometer Design

Geophone is a special sensor for geological exploration and engineering measurement. It is a sensor that converts ground vibration into electrical signals. It can convert ground vibrations caused by seismic waves into electrical signals and convert them into binary data through analog-to-digital converters, conduct data organization, storage, and operation processing. The accelerometer is an electronic device that can measure acceleration force. Typical applications include mobile phones, laptops, pedometers, and motion detection.

Acceleration sensor technology applied to car accident alarm

In the modern era of rapid development of the automobile industry, automobiles have become one of the main means of transportation for people to travel, but the number of casualties caused by traffic accidents is also very large. The modern use of information technology to save people’s lives will be one of the major themes of research. The acceleration-based accident warning system is based on this design concept. It is believed that the promotion of this system will give the automotive industry a More safety.

Accelerometers are used to monitor high voltage wire galloping

At present, two major technical solutions, video image acquisition and motion acceleration measurement, are commonly used for wire glide monitoring. The former in the field of high temperature, high humidity, severe cold, dense fog, dust and other weather conditions, not only on the reliability of video equipment, stability and high requirements, but also the effect of the video image capture will be affected, in actual use It can only be used as an auxiliary monitoring method and cannot quantitatively analyze the movement parameters of the wire. Using the accelerometer to monitor the wire galloping condition can quantitatively analyze the up and down vibration and left and right oscillations at a certain point of the transmission wire, but only the amplitude of the linear motion of the wire can be measured. Frequency, and for complex circular motion, it cannot be measured accurately. So we must accelerate the development of accelerometers to adapt to applications such as these environments.

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