Technical Limitations Of FOG?

There are still a series of problems in the technology of FOG, which affect the accuracy and stability of FOG, and then limit its wide application.It mainly includes:

The effect of temperature transients.Theoretically, the two backpropagation paths in a ring interferometer are of equal length, but this is strictly true only if the system does not vary with time.The experimental results show that the phase error and the drift of the measured value of rotation rate are proportional to the time derivative of temperature.This is very harmful, especially during warm-up.

The effect of vibration.Vibration can also affect the measurement. Appropriate packaging must be used to ensure good robustness of the coil, and the internal machinery must be properly designed to prevent resonance.

The effects of polarization.Now the single-mode fiber used more is a kind of double-polarization mode fiber, the birefringence of the fiber will produce a parasitic phase difference, so it needs polarization filtering.The depolarizing fiber can suppress polarization, but it can increase the cost.


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