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Signal Analog Device

ER-S-300 Features:
1. Satellite constellation hybrid simulation;
2. Path simulating;
3. Environment simulating;
4. Man-machine interaction.

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BDS / GPS Dual-Mode Positioning Module

ER-GM-220-III NV Features:
1. Size: 6.0×12.2×2.4mm;
2. Package: 24-pin, SMD surface mount;
3. Ulti-system joint positioning 1PPS support;
4. First time (TTFF): Cold start: 30s Sensitivity BDS GPS.

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Full System Multi-Frequency High-Precision Directional Board

ER-GB-03 Features:
1. 46x71mm compact board, interface compatible with mainstream boards;
2. Full system multi-frequency high-precision directional board;
3. Support BDS B1/B2 + GPSL1/L2 + GLONASS L1/L2 + GALILEO E1/E5b + QZSS L1/L2;
4. Simultaneous output of positioning and orientation, data output rate above 20Hz.

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Low Altitude Slow Small Target Defense System AUAV-Vehicular

ER-AUR-02 Features:
1. Module design: detection system using modular design, you can freely select the detection system;
2. Mainstream frequency band suppression: convert the mainstream radio communication band;
3. Standard electricity: Equipment using standard 220V mains, no power equipment.

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Low-altitude And Slow-speed Small Targets Defense System AUAV-Fixed

1. Module design: product detection system adopting modular design, the system can be freely selected;
2. Main band suppression: detection and interference, covering the mainstream radio frequency band;
3. Standard city electricity: the equipment uses the standard 220V electricity, not power electric device.

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Low Slow Small Targets Defence System AUAV – Portable

ER-AUR-04 Features:
1. Use rapidly: boot into work state, without waiting;
2. Frequency coverage: support for multiple frequency interference,covering mainstream (UAV) spectrum;
3. Power supply lasting: using lithium batteries, electromagnet change the design, long time outdoors.

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Navigation Communication Simulator

ER-S-4100 Features:
1.Flexible, easy-to-use control software
2.Outstanding short message communication capabilities, with positioning and timing functions
3.Ransmit and receive of inbound and outbound signals capable of simulating the BeiDou system

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Multi-System Satellite Navigation Signal Simulator

ER-S-8000 Features:
1.The basic support of satellite navigation signal simulation;
2.The basic support receiver antenna modeling, simulation vector rotation;
3.The basic simulation with the Beidou satellite navigation system,have an evaluation software.

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High Precision Handheld

1. Latest technology, new design, stable and reliable industrial-grade Beidou high-precision handheld;
2. Connect smartphone via wirelessly bluetooth, view, store and high-precision location;
3. Positioning accuracy can reach 2 cm, BEIDOU/ GPS/ GLONASS GALILEO four systems positioning.

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Navigation And Positioning Receiver

ER-SR-201 Features:
1. Can encapsulate a variety of OEM board;
2. Has two serial ports which can communicate with external equipment, an antenna port, power input;
3. Suitable for low-cost, low -power field BDS/GPS positioning system, multi- application RTK, timing.

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High Precision Storage Type Receiver

ER-SR-680 Features:
1. Support GPS L1/L2/L5 and compass B1/B2/B3, GLONASS L1/L2;
2. Support HTTP, FTP, TCP/IP, NTRIP network communication protocol;
3. Have WiFi, Bluetooth and 3G wireless communication technology.

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