Introduction of North Seeking MEMS IMU -- ER-MIMU-01 and ER-MIMU-05

High Precision Stable-control MEMS IMU

Ericco released new products MEMS North Seeking IMU, ER-MIMU-01 and ER-MIMU-05 . They have the following common features:


ER-MIMU-01                      ER-MIMU-05

3-axis gyro & 3-axis accelerometer;
Measuring range: 100°/s;
Gyro bias instability: 0.02°/h
Gyro bias stability(10s lσ)<0.1°/h;
5V power supply, low power consumption of 1.0W;
Operate Temp: -40℃~+80℃;
RS422 bus communication.

Application areas
North seeking in logging tools/gyro tools
Pointing, steering and guiding in advanced mining/drilling equipment
Initial alignment in weapon/UAV launch systems
Direction pointing and tracking in satellite antenna, target tracking system
Guidance and navigation in navigation grade MEMS weapon system
Orientating and positioning in railway train system
Precision platform attitude measuring and controls
Precision attitude, position measuring in navigation grade MEMS IMU/INS
North finding and positioning in land surveying/land mobile mapping system
Petroleum exploration
Bridge, tall building, tower, dam monitoring
Rock and soil monitoring

The above information about north seeking MEMS IMU is provided by our engineers. If you want to get the quotation and more technical data, please feel free to contact us.

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