Introduction of North Seeking MEMS IMU — ER-MIMU-01 and ER-MIMU-05

High Precision Stable-control MEMS IMU

Ericco released new products MEMS North Seeking IMU, ER-MIMU-01 and ER-MIMU-05 . They have the following common features:


ER-MIMU-01                      ER-MIMU-05

3-axis gyro & 3-axis accelerometer;

Measuring range 100% /s;

Gyro bias instability: 0.02/h

Gyro bias stability(10s l0)<0.1/h;

5V power supply, low power consumption of 1.0W;

Operate Temp: -45℃~+85℃;

RS422 bus communication.

They can be applied to the following fields:

Construction machinery dip angle measurement, angle control, pylon operation monitoring, medical equipment angle control, satellite antenna star search, bridge, tall building, tower, dam monitoring and rock and soil monitoring, mining, attitude/heading reference system, integrated inertial navigation.

The above information about north seeking MEMS IMU is provided by our engineers. If you want to get the quotation and more technical data, please feel free to contact us.

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