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Calibrating Processing of MEMS IMU ER-MIMU-02

High-Performance Navigation MEMS IMU ER-MIMU-02


1. Adapt to the harsh environment

The Ericco MEMS IMU ER-MIMU-02 contains 3 high-precision advanced MEMS gyroscopes and 3 high-performance accelerometers and is capable of operating over a wide temperature range with excellent shock resistance. Therefore, it can be used in harsh transportation and working environments.

2. Applied in the field of high precision inertial/integrated navigation

MEMS IMU ER-MIMU-02 The built-in MEMS gyroscope ER-MG2-400 is the core device in the inertial navigation system. It forms the IMU with the accelerometer and MCU. MEMS IMUs uses gyroscopes and accelerometers to measure angular rate and acceleration. Making them useful in applications that require accurate measurement and compensation of vibration and motion in the most challenging environments. Therefore, it has superior navigation performance.

3. Meet market needs

The size of ER-MIMU-02 is 38.6mm×44.8mm×21.8mm, and it is well-tested and durable. It is the first choice among domestic navigation-grade products. It is specially designed for harsh environments that require robust navigation performance in a small size. As such, they meet the needs of a range of applications and markets.

4. Flexible setting of communication baud rate

ER-MIMU-02 adopts RS422 to communicate with the outside, the baud rate can be flexibly set between 9600~921600, the user can set the required communication baud rate through the communication protocol.

5. Output multiple data reference valuesThe ER-MIMU-02 can output the angular velocity, acceleration, and temperature values ​​of the X, Y, and Z axes of the gyroscope and accelerometer in raw hexadecimal complement data. and floating point dimensionless values ​​of the gyroscope and accelerometer processed by the underlying computation. The user can select one of them as user data through the communication protocol.


ER-MIMU-02 can be widely used in the navigation field of integrated navigation systems and inertial guidance systems;Antenna and Line of Sight Stabilization Systems;Integrated Navigation Systems & Inertial Guidance System;Flight Control & Guidance System;Attitude Heading Reference Systems (AHRS);Stabilization of Antennas, Cameras & Platforms;Aerial and Marine Geo-mapping / Surveying;Such as various UAV flight control and so on.
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