What Is A Flexible Pendulum Accelerometer?

Adopt a flexible support pendulum accelerometer. The pendulum assembly is connected to the meter housing with two flexible rods. The bending stiffness of the flexible rod around the output shaft is low, while the stiffness in other directions is high. Its basic working principle is similar to the liquid floating pendulum accelerometer. This system has a high-gain servo amplifier that keeps the pendulum assembly working near zero. In this way, the bending of the flexible rod is very small, and the elastic moment introduced is also small, so the instrument can achieve high accuracy. There are two types of accelerometers, oil-filled and dry. The oil-filled interior is filled with a highly viscous liquid as a damping liquid, which can improve the dynamic characteristics of the instrument and improve its resistance to vibration and shock. The dry accelerometer adopts electromagnetic damping or air film damping, which is convenient for miniaturization, reducing costs and shortening the startup time, but the accuracy is lower than that of the oil-filled type.

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