What Is A Flexible Pendulum Accelerometer?

Pendulum accelerometer with flexible support.The pendulum assembly is connected with the instrument housing by two flexible rods.The bending stiffness of the flexible bar around the output shaft is very low, while the stiffness in other directions is very high.Its basic working principle is similar to that of a liquid pendulum accelerometer.The system has a high – gain servo amplifier that keeps the pendulum assembly operating near zero.In this way, the bending of the flexible bar is very small and the introduced elastic moment is also small, so the meter can achieve very high accuracy.This type of accelerometer is available in oil filled type and dry type.The oil-filled type is filled with high viscosity liquid as damping liquid, which can improve the dynamic characteristics of the instrument and enhance the anti-vibration and anti-impact ability.The dry accelerometer adopts electromagnetic damping or air film damping, which facilitates miniaturization, reduces costs and shortens startup time, but the accuracy is lower than that of the oil-filled accelerometer.

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