What Are The History And Types Of Gyroscopes?

The earliest known gyroscope-like device was invented in 1817 by John Bohnenberger of Germany. At first he called this device “machine”, based on a sphere that can rotate. In 1832, Walter R. Johnson developed a similar device based on a rotating disk. French mathematician Pierre-Simpson Laplace suggested using this device as a teaching aid, so this device attracted the attention of French physicist Leon Foucault. In 1852, Foucault used it in an experiment involving the rotation of the earth. In 1860, the advent of electric cars allowed the gyroscope to rotate indefinitely; leading to the first prototype “gyro compass”. The first functional gyro compass was patented by German inventor Hermann Anuschutz in 1907. During World War II, the gyroscope became the main component of aircraft and air defense warfare.

There are many different types of gyroscopes. The most common classification is based on output type, power supply voltage, power supply current, sensing range, operating temperature range and packaging type, etc.

The most common size of the power supply voltage is 2.7 to 3.6 v. The output type of the gyroscope can be analog signal, digital signal, linear or ratio output, usually the chip uses analog signal type output.

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