The Main Role Of Fiber Optic Gyroscope In Attitude Measurement System

Through the motion information of the fiber optic gyroscope’s sensitive motion device around its center of mass, it is ensured that the motion device can achieve stable flight under the action of internal and external interference, and its attitude change is controlled within the allowable range. The motion of the motion device around the centroid can be decomposed into angular motions around its three axes. Therefore, the corresponding three basic measurement channels measure and stabilize the pitch, yaw and roll axes of the motion device. The three measurement channels are basically the same, and each consists of a single-axis fiber gyroscope and its information processing system (or three-axis fiber gyroscope and information processing system) to achieve continuous measurement of the output attitude information of the motion device.

Then there is the fiber optic gyroscope as a rate gyro, whose output information can be directly used as the attitude control signal of the artillery or tank; at the same time, as an important part of the carrier attitude control, it passes the sensitive angular velocity signal to the carrier attitude stabilization system. Advance control provides conditions.

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