The Difference of Open-loop FOG and Closed-loop FOG

Open-loop fiber optic gyro: Open-loop fiber optic gyro without feedback, it can direct detect the light output, with a simple structure, low price, high reliability, low power consumption and other advantages. The disadvantage is to increase the sensitivity of the gyro by increasing the single-mode fiber. The I/O has a poor linearity and a small dynamic range. It is mainly used as an angular velocity sensor.

Closed-loop fiber optic gyroscopes: Compared with open-loop circuits, closed loop fibers have a feedback loop that introduces feedback phase shifts. The effect of light drift is reduced, and the dynamic range of the fiber optic gyro is expanded. The effect on the change of light source intensity and the influence of component gain is insensitive, and the gyro drift is very small. The linearity of the output is related to the phase converter and plays an important role in the miniaturization and stability of the FOG.

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