Small Size And High Performance Integrated Navigation Board

Small Size And High Performance Integrated Navigation Board

ER-GB-05 Features:
1. Dimensions: 46×71×17.1 mm;
2. Industry’s best PPS output accuracy 5 ns RMS;
3. For vehicle-mounted, wheeled robots-“WHEEL INS optimization”.

Small Size And High Performance Integrated Navigation Board

Small Size And High Performance Integrated Navigation Board

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    ER-GB-05 Small Size And High Performance Integrated Navigation Board


    ER-GB-05 small high-performance integrated navigation board is a compact, high-performance integrated navigation product. Based on the mature multi-mode and multi-frequency, dual-antenna positioning and orientation, high-precision GNSS board and integrated MEMS inertial measurement unit, it can provide low-latency, high-precision 3D position, velocity, and attitude, as well as IMU raw acceleration and angular velocity measurement results.

    In the view of the absolute accuracy of GNSS positioning and the stability of inertial measurement, even if the signal is completely blocked in a complex environment, ER-GB-05 can still provide stable and continuous positioning posture calculation results.

    ER-GB-05 has many functions, such as moving base alignment, inertial/satellite integrated navigation, autonomous zero-speed correction, and independent calibration that can be combined with odometer data to further improve the accuracy under car navigation.

    Through the standard serial port, all settings and data collection can be completed using a simple command and data logging interface (after the hardware is installed, the system can be set up within a few minutes).

    ER-GB-05 is an OEM board that specially launched for applications such as autonomous driving, mobile measurement, drones and various attitude stabilization platforms. It has a small size, light weight, low power consumption, low cost, easy for integration and other characteristics.


    Small size and high performance combined inertial navigation board

    Dimensions: 46×71×17.1 mm

    Industry’s best PPS output accuracy 5 ns RMS

    For vehicle-mounted, wheeled robots-“WHEEL INS optimization”

    Inertial/GNSS/Odometer combination algorithm

    Built-in and high-performance GNSS directional board

    100 Hz positioning result/raw IMU observation output

    20 Hz GNSS raw observation output

    Support BDS B1/B2+GPS L1/L2+GLONASS L1/L2+Galileo E1/E5b

    Supports dual antenna/single antenna

    3.3~5 VDC input


    Orientation accuracy

    Single point: 1.5 m, SBAS: 80 cm time accuracy,

    DGPS: 40 cm, PPP: 20 cm, RTK: 1 cm + 1 ppm

    Speed accuracy0.02 m/s RMS
    Time accuracy5ns RMS, peak-to-peak 35 ns (24h)
    IMU performance 1
    Gyroscope performanceRange±2000°/ s, Bias stability (1δ) 8°/h, Angle random walk <0.34°/√ hr
    Accelerometer performanceRange +/-40g, Bias stability (1δ) <0.1 mg, random walk at speed 0.037m/s/√ hr
    Use environment
    Operating temperature– 25℃~85℃
    Storage temperature– 40℃~85℃
    Humidity95% non-condensing
    Vibration2g@5~2000 Hz
    Physical properties
    Size46×71×17.1 mm
    Mean time between failures30000 hours
    Lifetime15 years
    Function interfaceUARTx3, up to 921.6 kbps
    Support LED displayPower status, GNSS status, INS status

    Attitude accuracy 2

    Small Size And High Performance Integrated Navigation Board


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