How the Inertial Measurement Unit Works

The inertial measurement unit is a strapdown inertial navigation system. The system consists of two acceleration sensors and three speed sensors (gyro). The accelerometer is used to sense the acceleration component of the aircraft relative to the ground perpendicular. The speed sensor is used to feel the angle of the aircraft. Information, the sub-component mainly consists of two A/D converters AD7716BS and 64K E/EPROM memory X25650. The A/D converter uses the analog variables of the IMU sensors, converts them into digital information, and finally outputs them after calculation by the CPU. The elevation angle, the tilt angle and the side slip angle, the E/EPROM memory mainly stores the linear curve of each sensor of the IMU and the part number and serial number of each sensor of the IMU. When the component is just turned on, the image processing unit reads the E/EPROM. The linear curve parameters provide initial information for subsequent angle calculations.

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