How does an acceleration sensor determine vehicle behavior?

Acceleration sensor has a very wide range of applications in the fields of automobiles. The reason why automobiles can have such a high sensitivity operating performance is mostly due to the contribution of acceleration sensor. In the whole process of the car running, the acceleration sensor can also accurately judge the various important factors produced by the car in its running. So how does an acceleration sensor judge a vehicle’s behavior? Below, let us understand together!

How does an acceleration sensor determine vehicle behavior?

Vehicle movement behavior is a direct reflection of drivers’ driving habits. With the maturity of GPS technology, when applied to the vehicle, the speed and position information of the vehicle can be obtained more accurately. The inertial navigation function with the acceleration sensor and gyroscope is gradually improved. But the speed and position information alone can not identify the vehicle’s movement behavior, such as whether to accelerate, decelerate or turn. Existing technology for vehicle longitudinal, lateral and vertical and horizontal pendulum, roll and pitch motion is measured by different sensors, rather than at the same time by the same sensor at the same time, need to undertake the corresponding vehicle motion signal was substantial control and information fusion processing, thus to reduce the vehicle movement state of real-time measurement. At the same time, the error of the measurement system will be enlarged, many currently applied detection schemes still need to be matched with A/D signal conversion module to carry out the next stage of fusion processing calculation after the signal conversion, which further increases the complexity of the system and consumes the processing time.

How does an acceleration sensor determine vehicle behavior? See here, believe that you also have their own answer to this question! Acceleration sensor to keep the normal operation of the vehicle is to provide an important layer of protection for the operation of the car. In the normal driving process of the vehicle, the motion parameters of the objects generated can be detected by the sensor, and the acceleration sensor can judge the behavior of the vehicle based on this, so as to better realize the intelligent control of the car.

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