Fiber Optic Gyroscope With Closed Loop Detection Signal

The open-loop fiber optic gyroscope has a sinusoidal relationship with the phase shift and has significant nonlinearity. In order to develop a higher precision fiber optic gyroscope,

A high linearity, wide dynamic range signal detection scheme is sought, which is a fiber optic gyroscope with closed loop detection signals.

The so-called closed-loop detection is to use a certain device or circuit to introduce a compensation phase shift ∆ΦFB in the fiber loop. This compensation phase shift is rotated.

The original Sagnac phase shift caused by the rotation ∆ΦR feedback control makes the compensation phase shift ∆ΦFB and ∆ΦR are equal in size, opposite signs, total phase shift


The fiber optic gyroscope with closed-loop detection signal solves some shortcomings of open-loop detection and is easy to achieve high precision. However, due to the complexity of this closed-loop scheme and some new technical problems, it is difficult to manufacture, the yield is low, the performance parameters are discrete, and the cost is high. Some individual indicators of the closed-loop fiber optic gyroscope (such as zero offset) Short-term stability is high, but comprehensive improvement of overall performance, including zero-bias variation over the full temperature range, is also difficult. As for the accuracy of the closed-loop fiber optic gyroscope, further technical problems will be encountered. Therefore, Russia and Israel are still mainly based on open-loop fiber optic gyroscope products. Open-loop fiber optic gyroscopes still have their vitality and broad application prospects.

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