Application of quartz flexible accelerometer

The application of the quartz flexible accelerometer is very wide, and the following are several typical applications.

1. Inertial navigation and guidance system

Navigation guidance system of missile, aircraft, ships, and other vehicles must have the speed and location information in low demand situations, people use air speedometer, odometer sensor, the Maher number, but with the weapon system performance requirements increase, the instrument can not meet the requirements. The linear accelerometer can be installed directly in the moving object to measure its acceleration, and then get speed and position. It has high accuracy and good dynamic performance. It is much better than the speedometer and odometer. Therefore, the linear accelerometer is one of the most important applications of the inertial navigation guidance system.

2. Tilt measurement and leveling system

In the gravitational field, the linear accelerometer can measure the change of gravity acceleration. When the sensitivity axis is perpendicular to the horizontal plane, the accelerometer indicates the acceleration of unit gravity. If the sensitive axis inclines, the output is the product of the sine function of the acceleration of gravity and the inclination angle. Using this principle, it can be used for tilt measurement and leveling. For example, the leveling of fire control gun, radar and air defense radar. Besides, the angle of inclination can be controlled by measuring lateral acceleration of train and vehicle, so that it can still run at high speed on curved road.

3. Overload switch

The overload switch is used for the projectile throwing system of a carrier missile. In this system, the motion acceleration of a projectile to reach the desired height is calculated by a ballistic calculation. The acceleration of the overload switch on the projectile is sensitive to the axial acceleration of the parent projectile. When the preset acceleration is reached, the overload switch outputs the projectile to scatter the control signal, ignites the projectile, and throws the bullet from the parent projectile. Many bullets go to the target like a net woven by a bomb, so that the target is nowhere to hide. It is a powerful weapon to attack enemy positions and large equipment.

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