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ER220-III NV Module

1.BDS / GPS dual-mode positioning module;
2.Low power consumption, very suitable for positioning performance.

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ER220-III NV Module

                                                                ER220-III NV Module

ER220-III NV Module.jpg

ER220-III NV BDS / GPS dual-mode positioning module for pre-installed market. ER220-III NV is the third generation product of ER220 series module. It is a low-power GNSS SoC chip with completely independent intellectual property rights - HumbirdTMUC220, which is the smallest fully finished BDS / GPS positioning module on the market. , Low power consumption, very suitable for positioning performance, product reliability and high quality requirements of the GNSS scale applications.


Product advantages

• Car-level products, the chip in line with AEC-Q100, production in line with TS16949

• Excellent navigation and positioning capabilities, support single system independent  positioning and multi-system joint positioning

• High sensitivity design

• Support for A-GNSS

• Low power consumption, small size

• Compatible with mainstream GPS modules to save replacement costs

• SMD surface mount package for customer production


Technical indicators:


Channel:  based on 64-channel HumbirdTM chip     positioning accuracy 1                             2.5m CEP (dual system level)

Frequency:   BDS B1                                                                                                                 2.0m CEP (SBAS level)

                     GPS L1                                               Speed Accuracy 1 (RMS)                          GNSS / GPS: 0.1m / s

Positioning mode: Single system independent positioning                                                         BDS: 0.2m / s


                             Multi-system joint positioning             1PPS                                                    support

First time (TTFF):   Cold start: 30s                                Sensitivity                                                           BDS         GPS


                              Hot start: 1s                                                                                        tracking     -160dBm      -160dBm


                             Re-capture: <1s                                                                                  capture      -145dBm      -147dBm


                            Data update rate: 1Hz                                                        hot start / recapture    -154dBm      -154dBm


Physical properties:

Size: 6.0x12.2x2.4mm

Package: 24-pin, SMD surface mount

Operating temperature:  -40°C to + 85° C

Storage temperature:  -45°C to + 90°C

Electrical indicators:

Voltage: 2.7V ~ 3.6V DC

LNA Feed: 2.7V ~ 3.3V, <100mA

Power consumption 2: 120mW

Function interface:

Data Interface: 2 x UART / 1 x I2C / 1 x SPI

                       1 x event input

                       1 x 1PPS output

                        NMEA 0183 (compatible with Big Dipper)



Active antenna, passive antenna, A - GNSS *

Note: Note * part of the optional configuration 1 typical, <30m / s open sky 2open sky, continuous tracking


If interested,pls contact us info@ericcointernational.com 

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