High Temperature Directional Sensor

ER-OS-07H (±0.1°) Features:
1. Temperature: 0~175℃;
2. Accurate measurement under strong vibration environment with 16g peak value (20Hz~100Hz);
3. Shock resistance 1000g, vibration resistance 20grms.

High Temperature Directional Sensor

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    ER-OS-07H High Temperature Directional Sensor


    The ER-OS-07H High Temperature Directional Sensor is specially designed to enable high accuracy measurement of the tool face (roll), inclination and azimuth orientation angles in borehole logging and drilling applications.

    The product consists of a 3-axis fluxgate magnetometer and a 3-axis accelerometer. It is powered by a wide DC voltage of 10V~36V and is digitally transmitted through a UART asynchronous transmitter. ER-OS-07H has a temperature compensation function, which can make the system reach the accuracy of ±0.1°, tool face ±0.1° and azimuth angle ±0.3°.

    The maximum transmission rate of the magnetometer and accelerometer output is 6 times per second, and the direction angle is 4 times per second. ER-OS-07H communicates with the outside world through the UART interface. The operator can change the baud rate by setting the data bit in E2 PROM.

    You can choose between two communication protocols according to specific requirements:

    (1) Binary system: In this system, the user needs to send a data request and DS750 responds with multiple data packets.

    (2) ASCII: The ASCII protocol obtains data by sending ASCII characters to ER-OS-07H. The data returned by ER-OS-07H is transmitted in ASCII data stream, so it can be easily displayed on the video terminal.


    Temperature: 0~175℃

    Accurate measurement under strong vibration environment with 16g peak value (20Hz~100Hz)

    Shock resistance 1000g, vibration resistance 20grms

    Digital data transmission

    With minimum size of Φ31mm×384mm (customized to different needs)


    Directional drilling, geological steering



    High Temperature Directional Sensor


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