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Software Debugging of MEMS IMU ER-MIMU-01!


High Accuracy North-Seeking MEMS IMU ER-MIMU-01


* Volume: 38.6 mm×44.8 mm×21.8 mm;
* 5V power supply, low power consumption of 1.0W;
* Lightweight: 50g;
* Products include X, Y, Z three-axis MEMS gyro and X, Y, Z three-axis MEMS accelerometer;
* RS422 bus communication, baud rate from 9600~921600 can be set.

Application areas

Construction machinery dip angle measurement, angle control, pylon operation monitoring, medical equipment angle control, satellite antenna star search, bridge, tall building, tower, dam monitoring, rock and soil monitoring, mining, attitude/heading reference system, integrated inertial navigation.
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