What is The Inertial Measurement Unit For?

Measurement unit by accelerometer and gyroscope to measure the orientation of the motion vector and attitude, its function is similar to AHRS and devices, but the biggest difference is the navigation position reference system includes the attitude of the embedded data decoding unit and heading information, only provide the sensor data of inertial measurement unit, do not have to provide the functionality of the attitude data accurate and reliable. The lack of a part of the function is not necessarily a bad place, because the lack of a part of the unit, making it relatively low cost, can be applied to more places, a variety of equipment orientation measurement.

At present, although it is more used in aircraft such equipment, but with the development and progress of technology, more industrial equipment also began to use it for azimuth measurement. It is worth mentioning that this technology is also being experimentally applied to agricultural operations, because the operation of machines in agricultural operations is prone to accidents, and the use of inertial measurement unit for real-time detection of equipment can greatly reduce the possibility of accidents. Therefore, its application scope is becoming larger and larger.

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