Introduction of High-precision Navigation MEMS IMU–ER-MIMU-02 and ER-MIMU-06

High Performance Navigation MEMS IMU

Ericco released new products high-precision navigation MEMS IMU, ER-MIMU-02 & ER-MIMU-06. Let me give you a brief introduction!

Both ER-MIMU-02 and ER-MIMU-06 use MEMS accelerometers and gyroscopes placed on the X, Y, and Z axis with high quality and reliability. The series of IMUs with high resolution can be output by RS422, which rely on differential transmission, can transmit more than 1 km, and transmission rates up to 10Mb/s.The range reaches up to 400º/s and the gyro bias stability (10s 1σ) less than 0.5 º/h, which can be widely used in high precision navigation systems.

ER-MIMU-02                                    ER-MIMU-06

They have the following features in common:

1. Measuring range 400º/s;
2. 3-axis gyroscope & 3-axis accelerometer;
3. Gyro bias instability: 0.05 º/h;
4. Gyro bias stability (10s 1σ) <0.5 º/h;
5. 5V power supply, low power consumption of 1.0W;
6. Operate Temp: -45℃~+ 85℃;
7. Mini IMU: ER-MIMU-02 size is 44.8×38.6×21.8mm³, ER-MIMU-06 size is 43.2×43.2×35mm³;
8. Interface: RS422.

They can all be applied to the following areas:
Antenna and Line of Sight Stabilization Systems
Integrated Navigation Systems & Inertial Guidance System
Flight Control & Guidance System
Attitude Heading Reference Systems (AHRS)
Stabilization of Antennas, Cameras & Platforms
Aerial and Marine Geo-mapping / Surveying

The above information about high-precision navigation MEMS IMU is provided by our engineers. If you want to get the quotation and more technical data, please feel free to contact us.

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